No Surprise Home Inspections


Simple and competitive pricing
The price is the price. No extra for this and that, just a straightforward price and easy billing. Click here for more.
As a snapshot in time of the property, an independent, impartial home inspection can be the best guidance you have to make a sound and informed choice, sometimes saving you thousands of dollars in future repairs.  No Surprise works only for you.

We've pretty much seen it all.  We look for the cosmetic fixes, the quick easy fix, and any concealment.  Intentional or not, they can cost you in the future.

No Surprise Home Inspections
76-293 Wana St
Kailua Kona, HI  96740
KISS...Keep It Super Simple  

Here at No Surprise, we believe in keeping it simple and easy, starting with this web page.  We are easy to reach and easy to schedule, and our reports tell you everything you need to know to choose the best path forward. Please call or text (808)990-1125 8 AM - 6 PM Hawaii time or click here for e-mail to get started.

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